The Literal Challenge currently offers three challenges focusing on Playwriting in February, Prose in June and Essay writing in October.

So, how does it work?        

Sign up and you get daily creative writing prompts every day for a month. It sounds ridiculously simple, because it is. 

You have two options of how to participate in the challenges. 


You will have 36 hours to respond to each brief. If you join us and complete all the daily challenges by the 10am deadline (not a second after 09:59:59), you are rewarded with a share of everyone’s fees split between all the other writers who complete the challenge (minus 25% admin fees). It’s totally in your interest to make it to the end – morally, spiritually and financially.


If you like the idea of the challenges but not the stress of the deadlines – fear not – you can still participate without the looming deadlines, by simply paying for the briefs and not sharing the financial reward at the end.

"So glad I signed up to it. Massively surprised I finished it. Not ever really thought of myself as a writer, but I'm full of ideas I want to begin to develop."

This is not a writing competition in the traditional sense. You are not competing against anyone to be the best writer, or even a good writer. We just want you to be a writer every single day for a month. Your responses to prompts can be anything – see where your imagination takes you. We do not judge. 

All that matters is that you battle your inner demons, conquer procrastination and respond to each writing challenge with something new. We celebrate all the work that arrives with us on time, every time. We genuinely love it.   

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"I feel genuinely fired up with creativity, inspiration, and (most crucially) the motivation to write, write, write."