28 Plays Later Entry

Whether you are into Pinter or Panto, Chekov or Chicago, we are looking to inspire you to achieve theatrical greatness and create new work for the stage.  

You know nothing about plays? Fantastic! Everyone starts somewhere, right? Jump right in! You’re an old hand at writing for the stage? Awesome! Each playwriting challenge will take your skills into new, fun and fascinating territory. 

"Ominous highlight of every year"

28 Plays Later has already created 19,524 plays (yes, really). This is your chance to contribute to an amazingly impressive volume of work.  The project was previously hosted by Space Theatre and Theatre Deli.

As well as rewarding playwrights that complete the challenge with cash, previous challenges have led to reading events around the world and – while it is not expected – several writers have gone on to develop their ideas into longer plays that have gone into production.    

"Three of the plays I created for 28 Plays Later have since had readings. One of them has had two productions. And I'm currently working on stretching out one into a longer piece. It was a brilliant, challenging and rewarding experience and I wouldn't miss it this year..."

What should I write?

Anything you like! Really! One-page monologue to full scale musicals, comedy and drama, thriller, farce, politics and poetry – we’ve had it all and love it all. All we ask is you complete a playwriting challenge every day in February. That’s it. We give you 36 hours to respond to each daily prompt. The rest, as they say, is up to you. 

"I am neither a playwright nor particularly involved in theatre however it has been very fulfilling and a great learning experience in all kinds of ways and i would recommend it to anyone with an interest in writing or in art practice in general."

How to register

If you think being sent a playwriting challenge every day of February 2019 is for you, and you understand HOW IT WORKS you're in the right place!

You have two options to choose from:


STANDARD ENTRY - as per the rules, the money you send will be kept in a pot and then distributed between all those who completed the challenges on time.


UNTIMED ENTRY - if you don't fancy the stress, you can just choose to pay for the challenge, and you will not be entered into the reward pot at the end. This means you can deliver the files whenever you like.


Registration closes on 28th of January!


In order to register, you must send £23.45 to the following:

Bank name: Santander

Name of Account: The Literal Challenge Ltd.

Account number: 33882600

Sort Code: 09-01-29


Once this is done please email us with details of the payment and which entry option you chose on 28playslater[at]theliteralchallenge.com or by clicking here

If you want to pay by PayPal (please note there will be an extra £1.29 added to the price to cover PayPal costs) you need to email us on 28playslater[at]theliteralchallenge.com or by clicking here and we will send you an invoice